Our Thoughts!

Welcome to Roster Panel

Here is the list of tools we designed for your rostering, but we are not limited to this.

One time Shift

Creating a one time shift is super easy. Few clicks on your computer or mobile, and it's ready to go.

Regular Shift

Create a shift repeater; weekly, fortnightly, monthy or as required. It will not miss any of your shift.

Staff Suggestion

Staff Suggestion will help to choos a best avaialble staff to cover your shift. It will short out most of your necessary pains and let you do the job perfect.

Payroll Thoughts

Do your payroll with the shift here and no need to sit at the end of week.

Complaince Needs

Is anybodys licence expired or policy clearance not valid, no check for special alerts. We will take care of that.

On the App

Not on the computer, no need to worry about. Your mobile is enough for your daily changes.

Leave in Mind

Is Sam on leave? Where is my leave file? Nooooo. Just forget about that now. Starr will ping you for that.

Confirmation By Staff

Your staff is a careless. We will get confirmation that they are aware of the shift.

Staff Availability

Staff availability will be available of the same screen all the time.